Freediving La Palma

Hey Oceanlover!

Welcome to La Palma’s central connection point for its growing community of passionate apneists. We’re Jens and Eva from Berlin. Our paths to freediving have evolved organically from scuba diving and “advanced snorkeling”. On the island there are many scuba divers and spear fishermen, but very few, like us, are diving simply because they love apnea. Join us as we share our adventures and experiences of diving and exploring the sea at depth, one single breath at a time. Are you on the island and looking for a buddy? Say hello!

Some questions you might have:

  • Which dive sites are suitable for freediving?
  • What is the local infrastructure?
  • Which spots are perfect for beginners, where does the advanced apnoist quickly reach greater depths?
  • What specific characteristics do you have to consider at the respective spots?
  • Where to buy equipment?
  • What are the regulations for diving in the marine nature reserve?
  • Where to find the best up-to-the minute information about wind and weather on La Palma?

Contact us, we are always happy to hear from anyone interested in the sport.

About us

We are Eva and Jens and have a few things in common:

  • about 40 years old
  • living in Berlin since 2000
  • a couple since 2007
  • love for nature
  • for years the desire to live by the sea

Of course there are also differences. For example professionally: Eva comes from the film business, Jens from medicine. Or concerning the starting conditions for diving: Jens always felt very comfortable in the water, while diving was a big challenge for Eva at first ….

Two years ago we decided to make our dream come true and have been spending part of the year on La Palma ever since. At some point our professional situation will also allow us to move here completely. Until then, we will commute between the very different worlds of Berlin and La Palma.

Eva and Jens Fischer, founders of freediving la palma
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