"Freediving is about silence…
the silence that comes from within."
Jaques Mayol

Hey Oceanlover!

Freediving is the most natural and calm way to enjoy and explore the underwater world. Breath hold diving is not about just how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can dive in one breath. Without heavy equipment you will be able to move under water with ease and elegance. You will experience what it feels like to become one with the ocean. The silence, the calm, the being.

… do you want to find out what you are capable of, what you have not yet been able to imagine?
Thank you very much, Jens! You are a crack at explaining and training! I learned a whole lot of things and improved a lot.
Fabiano S.
… always with a smile and a good atmosphere. 100% recommendable experience and I would repeat it a thousand times!
Tim G.
Yeah… I say thank you very much … I really enjoyed this and hope we have another nice session or two.
Ralf S.

Train with us!

You're a certified Freediver? Come dive & train with us.

Contact us for scheduling a diving and or training session, be it in the ocean or in the pool. Well, in wintertime the public swimming pools are closed. But from time to time we're training in the natural pools of La Palma, too.
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"The ocean is like a god to the freediver.
You speak to the ocean,
you pray to the ocean,
you love the ocean,
sometimes you even hate the ocean,
but in the end you can't live without the ocean."
Umberto Pelizzari

About Freediving La Palma

Jens Fischer, Freediving La Palma
Freediving La Palma is the first freediving school on La Palma.
We’re happy to introduce you into the world of breath hold diving in a relaxed, joyful and safe manner.

Hi, I’m Jens, AIDA Freediving Instructor, IAC Master Diver and medical doctor.
My love for the ocean dates back into early childhood. After different kinds of watersports like swimming, sailing & windsurfing I started scubadiving in 2007 and finally discovered freediving back in 2015. I was hooked… 

A few years ago I took the decision to make my dream come true and have been spending part of the year on La Palma ever since. I hope that I’ll be able to to move here completely soon. Until then, I will commute between the very different worlds of Berlin and La Palma.

Feel free to check out the blog to learn more about our way to Freediving La Palma.
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