A new approach to Frenzel equalisation

By Jens Fischer | December 22, 2018 

I already mentioned Adam Stern in different posts. Under his Pseudonym Adam Freediver he is creating “The World’s Most Complete Freediving Manual”. This manual consists at the moment of writing this post of many videos which cover different topics for different levels.

Some of these videos are freely available on his YouTube Channel. Others are only accessible via his Patreon site. If you yet don’t know about the Patreon thing, head over to their Page to learn more. In short: As a user you can support your favorite content producers through monthly pledges to continue with their awesome work. And well, there is superb stuff on Patreon.

Get to know your larynx

While working on his manual Adam spend quite some time in an MRI Scanner for us. During the acquisition of so called “cine sequences” he performed tons of Frenzels, mouthfills, reverse packs and so on. Afterwards he spent even more time analyzing the movements, match the results with his experience and profound knowledge, discuss them with other freedivers and worked out some quite interesting findings. One of the main findings has been that the focus during teaching and training the Frenzel maneuver should be at the larynx and not on the tongue. Once heard it makes total sense, but most of the teaching material emphasize the positioning of the tongue. Head over to YouTube to watch his last video "A new approach to Frenzel equalisation" to learn more about that. And then become a patron for his channel to see all the other good stuff he has produced!

Oh, and when you’re at the Patreon Page, have a look at the site of Donny Mac too. Donny plans, records produces and releases the excellent podcast “Freedive Café”. Donate to support his work too!

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