Update Summer 2019

Yeah, it's been a while since I posted something on this blog. But let's say, writing about diving doesn't thrill me as much as the diving itself. 😉 So finally, in the fifth attempt, an update about my summer 2019. Inhalt La Palma soloTenerife Part […]

Book review: Freediving

I’m pretty sure you already heard about this book. Today I share with you why - in my opinion - it’s one of the best books on freediving ever - and I’ve read a few of them 😉 As said before in the article about our […]

A new approach to Frenzel equalisation

I already mentioned Adam Stern in different posts. Under his Pseudonym Adam Freediver he is creating “The World’s Most Complete Freediving Manual”. This manual consists at the moment of writing this post of many videos which cover different topics for different levels. Some of these videos are freely […]

STAmina App Review - awesome mobile App for CO2 and O2 table training

To sum this post up: STAmina is a well-designed apnea training app for table training with nice visual and audio guidance through the exercise, coupled with various options for table generation, a training history, reminders and a timekeeper for your personal bests. It is available […]

Divelog - 12th December 2018

Today we are finally back in the water. Can’t tell you how much we missed the sea during the last weeks in Berlin!   We are very happy to see our buoy still hanging on its place despite the stormy weather last month. So we can […]

Freediving course - conclusion

Inhalt Short version: Highly recommendable.On the first day point 1, 2, 4 and 8 were fulfilled already.I am still working on points 3, 5 and 6.Point 7 - the training tablesWhat else would I have wished for? Short version: Highly recommendable. For me, the course totally […]

AIDA Freediving course - Jens' conclusion

Of course, I had certain expectations on the course. The most remarkable experience for me was the big difference between just being a student again instead of learning and training autodidactically respectively what heavy impact “just being a student” had on the level of my […]

Freediving Course - Day 5 - Training

Today is the last day. Too bad. The week was intense, the training by Dunia and Youssef excellent. Now I know what I will focus on during further practice: posture and especially stretching and relaxation. The feeling of the Free Falls in the water is […]

Freediving-Course - Day 4

Inhalt Change of planEven more theoryStretching with YoussefFree Fall Change of plan Today level 2 has started. Only Jens had registered for it - I hadn’t dared to do the level as I just didn’t feel ready for it. With diving Jens always was one […]

AIDA Freediving course - Day 3

In short: about 25 meters FIM and a private lesson for the duck dive Inhalt AIDA theory exam, 8 pages in EnglishFree Immersion, 2nd round.Constant weight with a clumsy duckRescue dive AIDA theory exam, 8 pages in English Today is the last day of level 1. To qualify […]

Freediving Course - Day 2 - Poolsession

How was the second day for me? Revealing. And no, I don’t love the “static” discipline. For me even “dynamic” will be just a tool to improve my technique, nothing inspiring. Open water diving is what I love. Inhalt Going the distance - dynamic sessionDoing […]

Freediving Course - Day 2 - Poolsession (Eva)

In short: I love Static!! Static training in the pool Today we drove for our first static session to a public swimming pool in Añaza, about 10 minutes away from Radazul. I would have rather jumped into the sea again. I’m not a fan of […]