Freediving Course - Day 1

In short - I am thrilled Paperwork and diving theory We started at 8:30 a.m. with the usual formalities: Registration, medical statement for diving etc. And then i had my personal little Christmas when I unpacked my new apnea wetsuit, which Dunia Quintero had ordered for me […]

AIDA Freediving course - Our hopes and expectations

Eva I would like to start again with the basics of freediving. When you are your own teacher, you often have a blind spot and don’t notice bad habits. I hope that… I am much more relaxed in the water after the course... ... and therefore […]

Into the water

I am sitting here, looking at the sea. Lately I have been able to do that a lot. That wasn’t always the case. I grew up far away from the water. Inhalt The summer holidays and the wild AtlanticLife far away from the seaThe Italian […]

Cat goes for a dive

Some people were born as fish. I know such a guy. His name is Jens, and he’s the one who got me start with diving - and later on with freediving. Up to that point, I felt more comfortable ashore. If Jens is a fish, I’m […]

Perfectionists are chickenshit

I’m sitting at my computer and tinkering around with an email. For ages. In fact, I wanted to mail it off  hours ago. But it wasn’t finished yet. Not because it didn’t tell what I wanted to say. Nope. The reason was that it didn’t meet […]

Under Pressure - or the art of letting go

Jens: This post does not deal with the pressure of water on a body at a depth of 15 or 20 meters (if you are interested: it is about 2.5 or 3 bar). This is about the pressure we have put on ourselves by deciding […]