Divelog - 12th December 2018

By Eva Fischer | December 12, 2018 

Today we are finally back in the water. Can’t tell you how much we missed the sea during the last weeks in Berlin!

  We are very happy to see our buoy still hanging on its place despite the stormy weather last month. So we can immediately rebuild our setup for the free immersion training. First, some relaxed hangs on 10 meters.

Uhmmm... I definitely performed better in the past. What’s up, lady, is there a bit of stress? Maybe because the last dive was two months ago?

Anyhow, the sea is friendly and the weather inviting. And it is wonderful to feel the weightlessness again.

For today we have set the tennis ball at 20 meters. Jens has just gone through two weeks of cold and I also want to start slowly. When the ball stops me the first time, I think it could have hung a bit lower. And then I notice that I missed the free fall. Apparently I was still too busy on the rope...

It will probably take a little more time before the processes becomes second nature to me. And when I do safety for Jens it takes me too long to get down due to my unpolished duck dives. But no more complaining about myself. I’m here to practice.

At the end we take some photos. Jens usually holds the camera because he knows it better and he is more relaxed under water. I find it hard submerging with this big item in my hand and the unfamiliar activity under water increases my oxygen consumption significantly. Phew! How does this guy do that all the time?

After about two hours we swim back for watching the fish between the big stones near the shore.

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