Freediving course - conclusion

By Eva Fischer | October 16, 2018 

Short version: Highly recommendable.

For me, the course totally has paid off.

I had set myself a lot of goals and most of them I could achieve. As I wrote in a blog post before the course started, I hoped that

  1. I am much more relaxed in the water after the course...
  2. ... and therefore can stay underwater much longer than before
  3. I improved my pressure equalization technique
  4. I can dive down to 20m in a relaxed manner
  5. I will achieve a better technique
  6. after this week I can do the safety exercises blindfolded
  7. I will take home a good training plan for breathing tables
  8. I will have a lot of fun

On the first day point 1, 2, 4 and 8 were fulfilled already.

Due to the calm and safe atmosphere Dunia always creates I was more relaxed in the water than ever. I was amazed how easy it was to stay 2min under water - before that I had never made it over 1:20min.  It thrilled me when I also could make 22m depth without effort. And I decided to follow with level 2 if the second day would be as successful as the first one. I think that speaks well for the team there!

I am still working on points 3, 5 and 6.

My technique of equalization and duck dive has already improved during the course.  And thanks to the Otovent and the helpful advice from Dunia and Youssef I know what needs more attention in my further training.
The fact that I wanted to master the safety exercise blindfolded within one week makes me smile now. It will take a little longer - after all, there were many other things to learn and practice in Radazul that I’m not good at yet.

Point 7 - the training tables

I have learned enough to create my own CO2 / O2-tables and adjust them continuously according to my training level. That’s much better than just taking home pre-built tables. Nevertheless Dunia offered to give me some tips by mail after the course or to double-check my training tables. Super nice.

What else would I have wished for?

That the course would last even longer and having more time to dive with this fantastic team in the wonderful sea at Radazul!

As soon as I feel like an experienced AIDA 3 star apnoist, I will return.
At the moment I can’t imagine a better place for training freediving.

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