Freediving Course - Day 5 - Training

By Jens Fischer | October 5, 2018 

Today is the last day. Too bad. The week was intense, the training by Dunia and Youssef excellent. Now I know what I will focus on during further practice: posture and especially stretching and relaxation. The feeling of the Free Falls in the water is addictive.

Do whatever you want

Well, that’s not EXACTLY what they said. But since I had already completed all the formal requirements for Level 2 certification in the last few days, today I can practice what I want. I have a buoy together with another participant and Youssef. The end of the line is set to 30m depth again.

I would love to train free immersion the whole day. This is where I find the most peace and can focus best. Just before the descent I visualize the dive, remember the different positions of the tongue during pressure compensation according to Frenzel: First with the tip of the tongue far close to the front teeth, as if you were forming the letter “T”. As the volume of air in the nasopharynx decreases, the base of the tongue takes over more and more. In this way you can use the available air more effectively. I imagine the rhythm of changing my hands on the rope, then the transition into the fall. And the feeling of the rope gliding through the hand in free fall, the eyes closed, the pressure increasing... and off we go.

I can’t really tell you why that makes me addicted. It is simply indescribable.


It is common knowledge that the body consumes less energy in a state of deep relaxation than under tension. This was the aspect I had in mind when I relaxed before diving - I wanted to use my energy efficiently and thus prolong my diving time.

But another effect of physical and mental relaxation I experienced only beyond a diving depth of 20m…

and literally on my own body: If there‘s still minimum tense, my chest feels compressed to a maximum already at 25m and the body almost seems to resist further diving. If, by contrast, I glide down the rope with my eyes closed and deep relaxed in the free fall, I reach 30m without any unpleasant sensation - the body simply assimilates. It seems to mirror me - as soon as there is restlessness in me, it resists and it is difficult to adapt to the depth.

I think that’s fascinating. For me, apnea diving is the sport where it’s most obvious that “performance” can only be achieved simultaneously with relaxation and mindfulness.

That’s it, I guess

After doing some dives with free immersion I switch to constant weight. I want to grab the last chance for instructor feedback for the time being and let Youssef give me advice on how to optimize my swimming style and fin stroke. And then two hours in the water are already over again - however this time knowing that I won’t be able to dive here tomorrow. So that’s it for Apnea Canarias Tenerife?

No. I already know: we will come back. Definitely. First of all we will consolidate and train on La Palma what we have learned here. And when time is right, we will show up again for level 3 at Apnea Canarias in Radazul.

I can’t stress it enough: Dunia is a great teacher. Take lessons with her. Book immediately. Tenerife is easy and cheap to reach by plane, the sea near Radazul is perfect for freediving and a fantastic team awaits you. A big thank you to everyone - Dunia, Youssef, Pedro and last but not least: Thanks to Coco for the underwater pics!

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