STAmina App Review - awesome mobile App for CO2 and O2 table training

By Jens Fischer | December 13, 2018 

To sum this post up: STAmina is a well-designed apnea training app for table training with nice visual and audio guidance through the exercise, coupled with various options for table generation, a training history, reminders and a timekeeper for your personal bests. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

At the end of the article you'll find a free giveaway of installation codes to install this app on iOS or Android. Thanks to the developer for that.

What is apnea table training all about?

Well, maybe I’ll try to deal with this question in more depth in a future post. To keep it short today: Tables represent a special progression of apnea and resting time in between. Regular table training allows you to build up your tolerance against increased blood levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and diminished levels of oxygen (O2). And as you know, an elevated level of CO2 is by far the most powerful trigger of the urge to breathe in our body, even when there is still enough oxygen left to continue the apnea.

Why do I need an apnea training app for that?

You don’t. But at least for me it’s easier to handle. Most of the apps combine the functionality of a timekeeper, a table generator and a training mode. There are several apps on the market, I tried a few.  STAmina, at the time of writing, is my favorite one.

The STAmina App

This review is about the STAmina App for iOS, Version from

STAmina Screenshots
STAmina Screenshots


Table generation

One of the great features of this app is its ability to save many tables for practicing. But how to create the tables?

Manual mode

When you fire up the app, you can enter the “tables“ mode through the menu. You’ll get to the menu by touching the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you choose „tables“ and the „Add New Table“. Now you have five options:

  1. O2 - Building an O2 table by setting the number of breath holds, the apnea start time, the apnea increment and the rest time in between. Just give the table a name, hit the „preview“ button and check it again and if table suits you, hit “save” and you’re good to go.
  2. CO2 - Here you can set up your CO2 table with the number of breath holds, the rest start time and the rest time decrement.
  3. Custom - If you don't like the standardized tables you can build a custom table here. Choose the number of rounds and set for each round an individual rest time and apnea time.
  4. Mix Tables - Here you can combine the mechanisms of the CO2 and O2 table. You can stepwise increase the apnea time and decrease the rest time - each with an individual step width or duration.
  5. Wonka tables - This is for apnea heroes. Here you can set up a special training. You’ll hold your breath until your first contraction and then start manually a timer you’ve set before. Then you take one (yes, just one) breath and go on to the next round. For more informations about these kind of tables check out the post Evolution of CO2 Training Tables by WeFreedive.

Auto generated tables

If you don’t want to configure the tables on your own then the „generate“ feature in the main menu (remember the three lines in the upper left) is for you. Here you set a name for your table, set your personal best in static apnea, choose between the difficulties „easy“, „normal“ and „hard“ and hit generate. And there you go, you’ll have two brand new tables ready for training.

If your list of available tables is growing too long and you wish to get rid of some, just swipe to the left on a list item and hit „delete“.

Training and logging

Roll out your mat or get comfortable wherever you’re used to train. Relax.

You start your training session under the section „tables“. Just choose the proper table entry under the „tables“ section and hit „Start Training“.

You’ll start with the breath up and then with the actual apnea. Each interval is visualized by a gradually filling circle. Depending on your preferences set up under the „Settings“ section you’ll have some spoken countdowns, too.

Every completed session is logged under the „History“ section. Your overall training time is summed up under the „Statistics“ section.

Personal best

Ok, this is a stopwatch with an added breath up. But it will log your attempts and the start button of the stopwatch sounds promising: „Set New Record“.


Besides the aforementioned settings during the process of configuring your individual tables, you have the possibility to set general preferences under the „Settings“ section. Here’s the list of the settings:

  • Beep signal (off or every set time interval)
  • Voice (female / male)
  • Vibrate notifications (on / off)
  • Countdown in apnea (on / off)
  • Countdown in rest (on / off)
  • 10 seconds beep (on / off)

Design and Usability

Have a look at the screenshots. Beauty lies in the beholder's eye. For me it’s a decent, unobtrusive design. It gives you access to all the features without confusing you. 5 Stars rating from my side.

STAmina Screenshots
STAmina Screenshots

Platforms & pricing

STAmina is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. At the time of writing the price is 4,49€ (iOS) and 3,59€ (Android). Have a look at the end of this article to see if the free giveaway of installation codes is still running.

I couldn’t find the price for Windows Phone. Therefore I got in touch with the developer. He discontinued the development for Windows Phone, therefore the last available version for the Windows Phone is free.


Despite the discontinued development for Windows Phone the app is under constant development for iOS and Android.

Probably one of the next features will be a localized version. I’m not sure which languages it will support, let’s wait for it.

A chat with the author of this shiny piece of software revealed that there is more to come. Keep an eye on it, maybe we’ll get the possibility to share tables, to practice pranayama, to back up our trainings or even to use a HR Sensor in conjunction with the app.


STAmina, the table training app is designed by a freediver for freedivers. Valeriy Kovalenko did a great job and I can recommend this piece of software to everyone who’s looking for this kind of app.

Free Giveaway

This isn't a sponsored post, I started using this app after some research 276 days ago. But during the writing of this post I've contacted Mr. Kovalenko and he was so kind to sponsor some free installation codes. Ten codes for Android, ten codes for iOS.

To enter this giveaway just drop us a note through our contact form. Remember to mention the platform (iOS or Android) on which you would like to install STAmina. First come, first serve. 

UPDATE: No more codes left, sorry.


Home of STAmina:

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